A Simple Guide To Becoming Instagram Famous

A Simple Guide To Becoming Instagram Famous

‘Instagram Famous’ is a term that we’ve all heard of, and secretly coveted. You need thousands—or millions—of followers on Instagram to be classed as an Instagram famous, and you’ll have to be so popular that brands would pay you to market their products within your feed. Who doesn’t want to make a living as a professional social media mogul? The problem is that you’ll have to work extra hard to become an ‘Instagram Famous.’

In a nutshell, becoming famous on Instagram can be achieved by simply engaging your community as your fan base grows. Unless you’re already a star, you must set aside time and energy into becoming an Instagram sensation. While the focus is on getting thousands of followers, Instagram actually gets a lot more interesting when more people are following you! There’s no magic formula here, simply hard work.


First things first!

How your Instagram account is setup is the first thing you need to take care of. Below are some useful steps in setting up an account that will have a fighting chance at succeeding on Instagram.

1. Select an appealing Instagram name

Based on what your long-term plans are, the name of your account will go a long way in making your brand memorable. A name like #isx75757 or a name like #kinkycats, which do you think followers will remember?

You can use numbers if you like, as long as it tallies with what you intend to promote. Think long term as you choose an appealing and memorable name for your account.


2. Compose a notable bio that would make folks want to follow you

Instagram boasts over 100 million users and to grab your share and create your own community will require motivating others to follow you. What you have to say about yourself is one of the first things that some followers will read about you before they click on the follow button. So if your bio is not interesting or captivating, then you’ve lost that small group of users who value a well-written bio above all else.

Your profile is one of your main selling points, so put your best foot forward by creating an “earth shattering” write up about yourself. You can also try spicing things up a bit by changing it biweekly and using that clickable link in your bio to drive traffic to your latest or most popular content.


3. Upload creative selfies for your profile picture

Before you begin doing anything else, you need your Instagram profile to appear fantastic. Nobody will follow an empty profile. If you need others to follow you, the first thing you should do is upload about 10 – 20 extremely great pictures. If you don’t have that many, keep working on it, and ensure you don’t post any pictures that aren’t great.

If your aim is to showcase your photography, it’s certainly vital the pictures you post are of excellent quality. It’s much better to post nothing than to post a terrible picture. If you’re just starting out, it’s usually wise to enhance your photography before trying to develop an audience on Instagram since people simply enjoy to follow photographers with fascinating pictures.

Work on creating pictures with a great composition which will get the audience’s eye. And learn the best way to use light to create more beautiful pictures. Apply Instagram filters to get the desired effect; after all, Instagram is a visual platform.

4. Examine the greatest Instagram accounts to see what others enjoy

Don’t post arbitrary pictures, pick a theme or a topic. You’ll always have the option to go beyond your topic. An interior decor page will probably entice and please other home improvement fans, ensuring they’ll follow you and support your pictures.

• Are you a foodie? Then concentrate on food-related theme

• Are you a fashionista? Then focus on fashion, styles, and fads

• Do you enjoy a particular game or book series? Shoot photos of it and post it on Instagram!

• Are you into a particular movie star right now? Make your Instagram profile all about that person! You can even locate other fans and make a community of your own.

Focus on your theme and grow it from there. Don’t start out as a Jack of all trades; this can be confusing for fans. It is better to find your “voice” by starting out with a theme that interests you.

You can also develop a niche community with time. If you see your fans enjoying specific kinds of pictures, shoot more pictures of this type. By tailoring your media to suit the needs of your new community.


Follow these tips to become Instagram famous

Now that you have created your account and set it up for fame let’s have a go at some important tips that can help you go from 10 followers to 100,000 followers.

But, before moving on to the next steps, make sure your Instagram account is public. This can be done on your profile. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon at the top right of your screen and ensure that ‘Private Account’ is turned off because when your pictures are no made public, you’ll have a more difficult time attracting new followers.

Here’s everything you need to know to become famous on Instagram:


Create your community

Building your group or community is the key to getting popular. People who follow you will share your brand, and their followers will also want to follow you too. Below are some useful steps that you should take to build your community.


• Link to Facebook

Link your Instagram account to other social media platforms like Facebook. You most probably have friends on Facebook who’d be willing to follow you. This should be the first thing you do to get your Instagram account off the ground. Soliciting for followers with less than 10 Instagram followers is something you should avoid doing. Show your prospective community that your brand already matters.


• Follow other Instagram accounts

You should also follow other Instagram accounts. This shows that you are active and enjoying pictures every time you go on Instagram. This tip might get some others Instagram veterans to follow you right back. It’s quite difficult to become popular on Instagram without commenting and following others.

This is one method that can get you a lot of followers. These followers might not be interested in your content at first because they are really just following your right back. However, with quality media and hashtags, you might start to engage them in your community.


• Engage your community and always respond to comments

It is essential that you reply to comments posted on your pages. Use your follower’s names and begin a dialogue. You are going to grow your fan base by doing this and show followers that you want to hear what they have to say and that they matter. The fact is, social media is really a popularity contest, and even your commenters want to be heard too.

This is one way to engage your community because there is nothing more depressing than posting an awesome picture and getting no response. Comments on Instagram is like getting money for goods on display. No comments mean no one is buying what you are selling!

Irrespective of what kind of pictures you put on Instagram, never treat your account like a one-way communication system. Even if you are a maestro with nature photography, you may not get a dedicated fan base as someone who shoots less dramatic photographs but is engaging their Instagram community. Some people have made life-long friendships from Instagram and business opportunities have been presented to some people because of their activities on the app. Maybe you can grow a nice little audience on Instagram without really enjoying the program, but it’ll be considerably simpler if you engage and get to know your community.


• Congratulate others on their achievements

Treat Instagram like a community, not a popularity stage. Imagine all the things you did wrong in high school. Ignoring the unpopular kids, teasing and bullying. Well on Instagram you have the chance to re-do high school- but online.

Ask questions, respond to questions, be grateful for the responses, give feedback and treat everyone like a member of your family. This will take a lot of cuddling, but you have to make your community the first place your followers go to once they log into their Instagram account.


• Tell a narrative with your pictures 

Use your Instagram account to create a narrative that’s creative, original and addictive. This is a fantastic method to keep fans coming back for more. Add captions. You can make these funny or true, just be lively, and add value. Test and get creative with your pictures. Try a fresh perspective, a color blend or even a real live model in your pictures.


• Buy Instagram Followers

Social media platforms are all about sharing content, and Instagram is no different. Instagram profiles with a higher number of followers are always more popular and receive more followers than those with a low number of followers. In the world of social media, you can buy Instagram followers as a way to get your account started.

Instagram, like all other social media platforms, has users that will skip over your content because you have a low number of followers. This doesn’t mean that content is not popular; it simply means that your brand is not popular or trustworthy. So to start off your campaign, buy Instagram followers and grow your follower base with interesting content. Some of these users might turn out to be real fans if you engage them with entertaining and addictive content.


• You need to be hashtagging

Use hashtags. Pay attention to what’s trending and put hashtags on all your pictures. Hashtags are supposed to relate to what the image is about so that people would view the picture and remark while it’s trending.

There’s no better way to lose your community on Instagram than setting a million hashtags for every picture. Don’t unleash your hashtagging dragon; instead, use hashtags responsibly. Be considerate and select related hashtags. And be sure to make the most of the popular hashtags, so long as they make sense alongside your picture. While Instagram doesn’t inform you of the most popular hashtags, a bit of research will help you discover the trending tags for your images. Below are some commonly used hashtags:






Go wild and create you very own hashtags. Pay attention to more uncommon tags that are trending and zero-in on that group of followers; this way you can tap into that small community.

Using hashtags such as #instagood, #selfiesunday, #love, etc. will help you to get more followers and likes, but there are certain laws to adhere to when using hashtags.

1. Cross-boost your hashtag. It’s great that you created a #sweetypie hashtag for your business, but how does this hashtag connect to you? To use it effectively, share content about your brand with the hashtag. Be sure it is in your profile and have it printed on your receipts, in print advertising, on the signage in your shop and at important events. If you are on radio and TV, direct the audience to use your hashtag. Incorporate it offline by ensuring it is recorded in your other social media profiles, on your website, and in your e-mail signature.

2. Get creative with hashtagging. You should look beyond the one word hashtags. Sure, you need to use those, also, but mix it up and use hashtags to tell part of your story. Be humorous or crazy–only do not be DRAB.

3. Participate in popular dialogues. For every post, use a combination of topically related hashtags such as #plumbingservice for a plumbing business, for instance. Combine this with trending hashtags wherever you can. Unique tags are like long tail keywords because they reveal more about the picture and assist you to locate the right community, but the commonly trending hashtags like #lol, #instagood, #tgif or even plain old #love will get you noticed faster. You should use a combination of unique and popular hashtags for your campaign.


• Use Instagram filters

Instagram offers new and interesting filters to flatter your pictures. You should use filters to make your pictures even more badass. As a visual platform, you can use different Instagram filters to achieve different effects.

There are so many to choose from, each with amazing possibilities: With a simple swipe of your fingers, you can enhance the coloring, mood, inject vintage flavor, or simply improve the overall effect. The main job of these filters is to make your pictures more appealing, and subsequently increasing the number of views and comments you will receive.


Remember to always have a call to action! Just like other social media platforms, Instagram is a community, not a marketing platform. What actions do you need your followers to take? If you still don’t have a long-term plan for your success on Instagram, then you can leave out a call to action.